Surviving Broken release day!

Surviving Broken

~ Sometimes you have to go through hell to find your heaven ~

Teaser for SB

Who is ready for JC’s story?!

Get ready to fall hard for Reed Rider! Book four in The Mathews Family series, Surviving Broken, will release on Sept. 29th! \

Cover and blurb coming soon!  


JC inspected her navy blue summer dress. Ambling into her closet, she grabbed a wide camel colored leather belt and wedges to match. The loud rumble of a motor outside caught her attention. That doesn’t sound like a truck! Trotting toward kitchen, she pushed the code on the intercom system, opening the wrought iron gate for Reed.

Yanking the front door open, she giggled. “Hot damn!”

He cut the motor and she held up her pointer finger. “I’m ready.”

She grabbed her purse and shut the door behind her.

Reed slouched against the hood of a fully restored 1969 black Camaro. His comfortable confident composure hung on him like a favorite pair of jeans, perfect in all the right places. Standing in the sunlight, his wavy hair took on a golden hue against his black t-shirt. His lips pulled into a timid grin, accentuating the fine laugh lines surrounding his eyes.

The man looked absolutely virile, renewing her confidence to an all-time high. She’d been so flustered and nervous previously around Reed she couldn’t completely act like herself. “That’s it,” she mumbled to herself, marching toward his car. “He has the nerve to come over here looking that damn good. Patience is a virtue my ass.”

Unable to contain the huge smile plastered to her face, JC sauntered right up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Their legs brushed as she stood between his thighs and the rasp of his trimmed beard sent a rush of exhilaration straight to her core. “Reed Rider, I’ve got three things to say to you.”

His jaw turned rigid under the heat of her kiss. “I’m listening, JC Mathews.”

“First, if my mom were here, she’d push me out of the way to get into the front seat of your car. Second, you’d better be prepared. And third,”—she held out her hand and wiggled her fingers—“I wanna drive.”

There was no need to go into detail of what she meant by prepared. Judging by the dazzling white smile broadening across his face, he knew exactly what she meant.

He dangled the keys in front of her. “You can’t, it’s a stick.”

Snatching the keys from his fingers, she whispered in his ear, “I’m very good with sticks.” She sashayed to the driver’s side of the car. “Oh, one more thing, Reed Rider. You look fucking amazing.”

He stood frozen, peering at her from over the roof of the car with his mouth hung open.

She climbed into the driver’s seat. “Are you coming?”

A deep chuckle escaped his throat. “Yes, ma’am.”

The car started with a low rumble and deep thunderous vibration when she turned the key. Pulling out of the driveway, she reached over Reed and tugged on his seatbelt. “You might want to buckle up. Darlin’.”

Reed’s Camaro flew from 0mph to 60mph in a matter of seconds, leaving him hanging on for dear life. “Don’t wrap my car around a pole,” he warned fretfully. “How the hell did you learn how to drive like this in that sardine can of yours?”

“I dated a race car driver.” She shot him a sideways timorous grin.

“What happened?” he asked in a condescending tone.

 JC tossed her hair to the side and flashed Reed a sexy smile. “He wasn’t near as much fun as his cars.”



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