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Well it’s finally here! I’m excited to announce

Shayla’s Story releases June 27th!

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I wanted to say


for all your support and patience over the last year.

Shayla’s Story was previously scheduled to release at the beginning of 2013, but sometimes life gets in the way. Some of you may be wondering what the heck took so long, and if you follow me on Facebook you may already know. In October my perfectly fit husband, the love of my life, had an aorta aneurysm and a bad valve that required open heart surgery. After a month long stay in the hospital and several months recovery, he is now doing just fine. I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciated your thoughts and prayers during this time. The outpour of support I received from friends and readers was amazing and truly appreciated.

You’ll be happy to know that book four in The Mathews/Clemmins Family Series is already written! The entire series will be available by Spring 2014.

I promised Shayla’s Story would be worth the wait…here’s an excerpt:

“I…I don’t think you should go.” As Shayla’s eyes followed the descent of John’s drawstring, a riff of personal awareness zinged through her. Trepidation mixed with yearning. Her tongue seemed to be tied in the knot of his trunks. She backed away, shaking her head. “I can’t, it’s way too high.”

“Come on, you big chicken!” JC beckoned from the chilly blue water. The gurgle of sea swells crashing against the jagged rocks below mixed with echoes of JC’s shrieks of joy.

“Are you jumping too?” Shayla asked Tracy.

“No way. Those two are the adrenaline junkies,” Tracy validated. She held her arm out offering to hold Shayla’s belongings. “They take after our dad and I’m more like my mom. I’ll meet you on the beach.”

Anxiety pumped through her veins and she paced like a caged lion. Making the most of every opportunity means stepping out of your comfort zone, she repeated silently.

“Do you really think I would let my sister jump if there was any chance of getting hurt?” John held out his hand. “I’ll take care of you,” he offered in a throaty voice sounding more like a heated promise than fact.

Cocky! Before she had time to give it another thought she kicked off her shoes, shimmied out of her shorts and grabbed her sweatshirt by the hem, pulling it over her head and giving it to Tracy. You can do this!

Anxiety kicked in and Shayla’s chest heaved laboriously. Holding her hands in front of her tummy, she squeezed one hand then the other, balling them into tight fists.

“Great bikini.” John took two steps toward her. His center finger grazed along the thin brown strap of her swimsuit, lazily exploring her collarbone.

The rough texture of his skin made her shiver. She found herself listing forward, close enough to smell the sweet scent of his minty breath. Alarmed by her own reaction to his touch, Shayla blinked repeatedly, staring upward into his gaze.

“You look beautiful.” An impish grin twitched at the corner of his mouth. “Your freckles really stand out in the sunshine.”

The amused gleam in his eye astounded her, spreading heat all the way to her toes. Self-consciously, she touched the faint freckles dusting her cheeks and nose.

His smile turned full.

“You really expect that to work?”

“God, I hope so,” John teased, gathering her hands in his. “Flattery is supposed to go a long way. It should work for a twenty-foot jump.”

“Hey!” JC’s lively voice echoed up the face of the rock. “Are you guys gonna make out or jump?”

“That would be your call.” His eyes blazed both in invitation and challenge. “Wonder Woman.”

The breeze shifted, filling her nostrils with the scent of his sweet breath. Tunnel vision set in, but she wasn’t slipping into a fading black hole. Shayla’s vision fell into the depths of his and held. Her lip caught between her teeth.

The tip of his finger turned circles on the band of her ring, blanching his humor. “I’ll count to three.”

Shayla shut her eyes tight, drawing in a deep breath of determination. Be brave. She clutched John’s hand. She opened her eyes and nodded. As they approached the edge, he released her hand and she hissed in a frightened breath.

“It’s okay.” He wiped the sweat from her hand on his shorts, only to tighten his grip around her fingers. “One, two, three.”

Wondering what’s next for The Mathews/Clemmins Family?

Tracy is going to whisk you away to Tuscany in The Perfect Someday!

JC is going to take you on an international journey to Greece, Italy and Malibu, but her heart is going to fall hard in Texas in Between the Black and White ~ Lies the Grey.



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Coming June 27th!

Available in Kindle, Nook and Paperback

7393380_orig the one


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Spring Fever Reads Giveaway!

Sring Giveaway Event

It’s time for the Spring Fever Reads Giveaway!

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5 Star Review of No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston

A new 5 Star review from My Sticky Pages!

5 Star Review of No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston.


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Congratulations to Christine C.! She is the winner of an autographed copy of No More Wasted Time and custom T-Shirt!

Grand Prize winners: 1st Place: Kindle Fire ~ Entry #4 – Karl
2nd Place: $50 Amazon gift certificate ~ Entry #187 – Chum B.
Thanks for playing along!
Happy reading, Beverly ;)

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Rites of Spring Blog Hop

March 20 – 23


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~FIRST Excerpt from Shayla’s Story~

A fever of hot molten lava flowed across her skin, instantly turning her hands damp. Shayla nervously waved her wet hands in the air watching the shadow pace in the lit hallway outside her bedroom door. Flutters danced through her tummy as she tiptoed to the door, silently resting her hand on the handle.

The pacing shadow came to a halt. A hungry smile curled on the corner of her mouth, knowing John could see her shadow beneath to door as well. With only a mere piece of wood between them, her composure fractured sending tingling sensations to the tender area between her thighs.

Her heartbeat drummed so erratically in her ears, she could barely hear the soft tapping on the door. Shayla eased the door open a few inches, trying to conceal her smile. “Hey,” she said softly. “What’s up?”

John lifted a brow, amused by the double meaning of her words. His arm flexed a little pushing the door open a bit further, stretching the thin t-shirt snug over the hard lines of his torso. His gaze wandered keenly from her toes to her face with utter slowness, settling on her eyes. He squinted ambiguously. “I want to ask you something,” she heard in him say.

Engrossed in the fresh scent of his skin, Shayla gripped the handle for support. “Okay,” she panted breathlessly.

John stepped across the threshold, clasping her hands in his. “Stay with me?”

Her thoughts scattered and she dropped her gaze to the floor. He waited until she could bring herself to look at him.

“Don’t act like you don’t feel the connection between us.”

“I do, but-” she hesitated.

“Come with me.” John took a step back, gently tugging on her hands, beckoning her toward the hallway.

In a daze, she took a quick scan of the cami and panties barely covering her backside. Shayla reached for a white silk cover-up hanging on the back of the door.

John snatched the robe from her hands and tossed it onto her bed, shaking his head. “Good Lord, please don’t put that on. You look absolutely breathtaking.”

His compliment made her heart swoon. She poked her head into the hall. “But-”

He pulled her into his arms and Shayla squealed in surprise at his powerful embrace. The rough texture of his palm coasted down the small of her back and cupped her exposed cheek, making her gasp. His smile widened into a slow burn of desire, igniting a fire in her belly. Every fine hair on her body stood at attention.

She swallowed hard. “I can’t make any promises.”

John caressed her arms, pausing before turning the handle of his bedroom door. “I understand your situation, Shay, but if I don’t ask I will never forgive myself.”

“Ask?” The word caught on her dry lips

With a wave of his arm, he invited her into his dimly lit room filled with resort style furnishing resembling a five star hotel.  The lights were dim and candle flickered in the darkness next to a bottle of wine and two glasses. He shut the door behind them.

“I’m not asking for promises,” John spoke against her scalp, his solid chest pressing against her shoulder. Brushing the hair from her shoulder, his hot breath tickled her ear. “I’m asking for the weekend.”

The tips of her breasts pulled taut as his arms closed around her from behind. He pressed his lips to a receptive dip in her neck. “The weekend?”

She trembled as his mouth wandered across her jaw. He nodded, gathering the mass of hair at her nape, nibbling on a sensitive spot behind her ear, and nuzzling into her temple. His thighs bracketed her hips, and the feeling of his muscles made her writhe in delight. She didn’t mean to compare, but couldn’t help notice the difference between John and Mat.

Mat was calm and collected, referring to himself as a missionary man, while John was sensual and adventurous. There wasn’t one ordinary quality about John Mathews.

 “But everyone knows my situation…” She found herself insanely distracted by the minty scent of his breath. “Our families…”

“This is between you and I. They don’t need to know.” He slowly spun her around to face him. “I know you have a choice to make and I’m not trying to complicate things for you.” He pulled her close. She wobbled on her tiptoes and he anchored her to his solid frame. “I have to know why you make me feel this way,” he murmured with restrained sweetness.

Lifting her arms over his broad shoulders, she arched, molding her body to his with only a thin layer of cotton between them. The newness of his flavor and attentive tender style coiled in her tummy. John brushed kisses of affection over her hair, cheeks and eyelids. He caressed the hallow of her throat, tracing her collarbone with his fingertips. A small moan of pleasure escaped her lungs and she closed her eyes as John lowered his mouth over hers. He cradled her face in his large hands, kissing her mouth gently and tenderly, one lip at a time.

Heat gathered beneath her cami making it damp. Shayla felt like she might spontaneously combust from the list of aches growing larger with every sweet kiss of his lips. This wasn’t simply a first kiss, it was a rich, drugging kiss, filling her everywhere.

Trembling with an undiscovered fury of passion, she clutched at his neck, opening without barriers, needing him to take more. The heat of their breath mingled as his tongue sank into her mouth, rooting deeper to find her soul. The pleasure of the slow marauding licks of his tongue brought pricks of wetness to the corner of her eyes.

John went still, gently grasping under her jaw with both hands and angling her face upward. Staring into her eyes, he searched intently for her response to their connection. “Stay with me?” he murmured.


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